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We provide many industries
contact information and their employees
details with accurate and consistency data.


We have different categories industry details
and big size of data for various sectors.
Public, Private Employee details


You can purchase contact from our site
and sell any industry contact information.
The data which we have provide is accurate

Why Leadparfait?

Leadparfait is one of best Lead Generation.

Companies that have embraced the Internet ever since its advent have been maintaining sustainable growth. Take any company right from Google to Wal-Mart; you will invariably see how timely the companies have changed their business strategies just to keep in sync with trends.

So what is the trend you need to watch for? Are you optimizing your marketing resources to help spur sales? Many companies do not realize how outsourcing sales and marketing support can bring the edge that their competitors can only envy.

Leadparfait Services...

Inside Sales

This will play a pivotal role in completing the sales cycle,

Appointment Settings

This will play a key role communicating different industry people,

Demand Generation

Data is key role for any business development and promotion,

Industry News

News related business, stock market trending and etc..,

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