Set up in the year of 2008, Leadparfait’s team of professionals have extensive knowledge on the subjects of Lead Generation, Market Research and have been helping various companies, all over the world reach sales targets with minimal costs. Our portfolio of products/services include..

  • Contact List Generation 
  • Lead Generation / Appointment Setting 
  • Campaign Mangement 
  • Business Development 
  • Demand Generation 

Our unique sales model customized to client needs and economical pricing serve as our USP within the cut throat competition and has helped us cut through the clutter and create an indigenous mark for ourselves.

Why Leadparfait

Companies that have embraced the Internet ever since its advent have been maintaining sustainable growth. Take any company right from Google to Wal-Mart; you will invariably see how timely the companies have changed their business strategies just to keep in sync with trends.

So what is the trend you need to watch for? Are you optimizing your marketing resources to help spur sales? Many companies do not realize how outsourcing sales and marketing support can bring the edge that their competitors can only envy.

We, at ClientCurve, are passionate about growing business-to-business sales helping organizations focus on their core activities. So the clear benefits are:

  • Increased revenues
  • Decreased costs
  • Reaching out to right people that matter
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Innovation

We believe in transformation. Once we start working closely with you, you will know how we put the complex pieces of marketing and sales pieces into sustainable pattern. All this can happen only if you outsource your marketing functions.

We keep abreast of ourselves with latest technologies and put them into use to help our clients benefit from our large database – right from small companies to big ones.

We go by our client's requirements because we believe every client has unique business. Our customized solutions have been tailored to yield best results for you in real time environment.

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