Lead Generation is a part of the Marketing process which helps companies to generate more sales pipeline. ClientCurve specialized in B2B lead generation with a well establish Lead Generation process and delivery.

ClientCurve B2B lead generation services have a capability to work on multiple geographies and run different campaigns. We compare the best sales leads generation services side-by-side, considering features, pricing, and effectiveness. The key to success in B2B lead generation is finding the most efficient means to reach your target demographic.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales plays a pivotal role in completing the sales cycle by being the face of the organization to the client and a highly skilled one considering the fact that it requires a deep understanding of the products and services being sold and the requirement of the client. Having a deep understanding of the seller and buyer helps them pitch the right product/solution to the right person This helps in reducing redundant sales cycles by the way of providing the field sales team with a client whose requirement has been well-understood and an appropriate product being presented. This brings down the sales cycle by minimum 2 or 3 tracks down.

To this effect we would like to present our solution named 'iContactCenter' solution. Using this solution

  • Customized database – eliminating the need for collecting large tranches of data
  • Avoid Filtering – ClientCurve already ensures that data picked is the best fit thereby reducing the overhead of having to clean up the data.
  • Follow-Up – All our client communication is stored in a CRM with proper follow-up dates set to ensure that no call is missed thereby increasing our hit rate and effectiveness in obtaining a lead.

We follow a rigorous process in maintaining our databases up to date with the lead information, involve with the sales personnel frequently, gaining an understanding on the market and making the sales pitch accordingly, so that the sales personnel are at ease when talking to the client even after being involved at a later stage. This can go a long way in gaining the confidence of the client and more importantly in being loyal with us for future sales.

ClientCurve Info System is a world class IT Leads Generation Company highly experienced in B2B technology marketing and IT marketing. Find out more about our services.

Appointment Settings

It’s a common concept within the organizations to task the inside sales team to perform the task of appointment setting for sales personnel but little do they realize that on a longer run this would not help save money; instead cost the organization. With most of the quality time of inside sales spent on cold calling clients, engaging the existing customer base could be difficult causing customer attrition.

Appointment Setting feature is ideal for the following reasons.

  •   Setting up new accounts.
  •   Follow up and nurture prospect accounts, delivered via Email Marketing, Trade Show campaigns.
  •   Deliver an introductory message about the company with little need for an organization specific message.
  •   Act as a screening for inbound calls enquiring more information about the product and then qualify the lead for the next stage.

As an outbound sales function/solution, with appointment setting we work on a list provided by the client in pitching the message to the customer and set up a meeting for the sales folks to take it further. We ensure that a consistent message is delivered across all stages of the prospecting and the messages fed back into the system at opportune times for a smooth handover of the account.

Demand Generation

Demand generation helps in building leads that could be potential buyers. We have a unique, well defined and highly successful strategy in building Lead Database. Some of the methods we implement in generating demand for your products are through

Appointment Setting feature is ideal for the following reasons.

  •   Trade Shows
  •   Event Campaigns
  •   Webinars
  •   Email Campaign

Throughout the process of Demand Generation, you will have a 360' involvement with our team so as to make the process transparent, effective and efficient. This goes a long way with the Sales personnel being able to identify with the customer and put up a sales presentation that will make the customer go wow.

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